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I'm an occupational therapist and personal trainer living in Manhattan, New York. I've been National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer for 5 years. I've worked with clients of all ages with different goals, lifestyles, preferences and motivators that bring them my way to train. My feedback over the years has been that I am knowledgable, creative, patient and a butt-kicking trainer! Kettlebell training, high intensity interval training and bodybuilding are my favorite modalities of moving and training. My style of training is education and coaching. I live to educate my clients. My goal is to help you discover your body's strengths and weaknesses. I want to teach to you to empower you.  I believe that being introspective, working hard and thinking positively will reduce stress, build self-love and confidence. All essential components on your journey to establishing good habits and becoming consistent to build a strong body with a strong mind to match. 

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I am a board certified and licensed Occupational Therapist. I currently work with children and in skilled nursing facilities in NYC. I received my masters from Stony Brook University in June 2018. In both my graduate and undergraduate studies (Psychology B.A., Wellness Management B.S. + Health Science Minor), I've taken extensive courses in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and exercise science. I have clinical experience working with people during rehabilitation of an injury, learning disabilities and mental illnesses. I am extremely passionate about the human body and the mind and I love to continue to learn everyday!





  Strength from Within Challenge


8 week strength training program, workout schedule, accountability, macronutrient education, access to "how-to" workout video library

Guide to Tracking Macros

This ebook will guide you to form healthy goals and habits around food, teach you how to calculate your personal macros and the science behind each macronutrient