Strength training was the catalyst in Mallory’s life to mental peace. Kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight training gave Mallory the means to work on healthy habits that have made life worth while and lit the fire of her career.

Mallory is an occupational therapist and strength training coach living in Manhattan, New York. Her passion is to help others build physical strength with mental toughness to match. She devotes her life to helping others live confidently in their bodies and develop a proactive mindset so they can more mental bandwidth for simply HAVING FUN in life. 

Mallory values hard work and empowerment through education. She helps others find comfort in being introspective, work to their best potential, and think proactively to make a change. She has helped people of all ages create a higher quality of life through education, maintaining healthy habits and building self-efficacy.

As an occupational therapist she helps kids and adults with physical and mental impairments to gain high quality of life through therapeutic activities and functional movement. She works clinically with adults and children during rehabilitation of upper and lower body injuries, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and mental illnesses in school settings, residential treatment centers and outpatient clinics.


Mallory is a Stony Brook University graduate with an MS in Occupational Therapy, a BA in Psychology and Wellness Management, National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer and a StrongFirst Kettlebell Certified Instructor.